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How to: Successful detoxification with the Organic Detox

What does detox mean?

The term detox translates as the elimination of toxic substances or substances that are not suitable for the metabolism of the body.
There are numerous ways in order to support the effects of the Organic Detox and thus your body in facilitating detoxification.

How can you support the effects of the Organic Detox?

The duration of detoxification mainly depends on components like your individual metabolism, diet and body fat percentage. In the following we are going to give you an overview about which changes to your lifestyle and diet you could take into consideration in order to speed up the build-up phase of the Organic Detox.

(1.) Diet

We recommend a balanced and above all healthy (/ alkaline) diet - for example with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grain products.
You should also try avoiding sugar and animal fats if possible.

Generally it’s about a diet that can be productive for your body's mineral balance.
This means your hydration also plays an integral part and you should therefore aim for drinking at least 2 - 3 liters of pure water per day.

(2.) Lifestyle and health as the basis for your detox

Your lifestyle and your health are the determining components for an optimal detox.
Other factors that counteract your detoxification are proven to be the consumption of alcohol, as it increases the excretion of minerals (especially electrolytes), as well as regular exercise, during which your metabolism will usually make use of more minerals.
Other extreme situations for your body, such as going to the sauna or certain illnesses are affecting the detox process negatively as well, especially resulting in a delay of the build-up phase.
If you have got any additional questions at this point, we as the team behind the Organic Detox are of course at your side with advice any time!

(3.) Tips for the consumption of the Organic Detox

With the use of the Organic Detox you are going on a very special journey.
If you are depending on a short build-up phase we recommend initially increasing the dose to 6 capsules per day.
Based on the experiences of our customers, we can also recommend the intake of the capsules after a meal.

If you have any further questions regarding this or any other topic, our team is very much looking forward to helping you.
We are answering emails damn quickly and are also super nice on the phone! :-)

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