FAQ 01 What does the Body Detoxer do?
The Body Detoxer is a nutrition supplement consisting of more than 81 trace elements that bring the acid-base household into balance and optimize the pH value. The increased supply of minerals and trace elements can lead to a noticeable improvement of your personal well-being, coming with the side effect of cleaning THC from your urine.

FAQ 02 When and how often should I take the Body Detoxer?
Based on experiences of various probands it is recommended to take one ampoule per day after a meal to achieve the optimal effect.

Important: During the build-up phase, in order to intensify the effect and achieve the goal more quickly, you can easily take two to three ampoules per day. To also accelerate the effect, it is recommended to dispense regular alcohol consumption, otherwise the minerals of the Body Detoxer will be excreted especially and to a greater extent. Also due to sports and sauna visits, the minerals are used up or excreted more intensly. This may cause a delay, yet not a failure, of the effect.

FAQ 03 How much water should I drink daily?
In order to achieve optimal detoxification and purification of the urine, you should drink 2 to 3 liters of pure water daily.
Sidenote: Either way, it is good for all of us to drink a lot of water and also to consider it’s quality.

FAQ 04 Are there any physical detoxification symptoms?
Just like any other detoxification, you may experience detoxification symptoms at the beginning when you take the Body Detoxer, which should subside after a short time.

FAQ 05 What kind of detoxification symptoms can occur?
Some of the probands reported minor, temporary skin blemishes during the first two weeks of usage. These resolved with continued use.

FAQ 06 Is the Body Detoxer able to purify urine?
In 98% of the probands, the urine was cleaned from THC. (How many test subjects?) The degree of how much the body is exposed to toxins / degradation products and your daily water intake are playing a significant role in how fast your urine gets cleaned from THC.

FAQ 07 When do the effects of the Body Detoxer occur?
The ingredients of the Body Detoxer occur in colloidal form so the physical absorption of the active ingredients and the onset of the effect can be expected after the first ingestion already.
The side effect of removing THC from the urine depens on the build-up phase (approx. 14 days, depending on the individual mode of action)

FAQ 08 How should the Body Detoxer be consumed?
Due to its high mineral content we recommend to not take the Body Detoxer pure. Even though some of our probands liked the salty taste and thus consumed it pure, you might want to mix the Body Detoxer with at least 250ml of a drink of your choice. Some tests have shown that it is recommended to mix it with yoghurt or milk drinks (also vegan).