Organic Detox

The Organic Detox consists of over 81 different minerals and trace elements. Since the high-quality minerals are finely distributed, the human body can optimally absorb and make use of them.

However, the body won’t be able to use them all due to the high concentration of minerals and therefore automatically fills your fat deposits with the rest – here is where part of the breakdown products of THC are also stored. Those breakdown products of THC are eventually worthless ballast for the body – compared to the minerals. Your body then preferably stores the minerals and no longer the THC breakdown products. If you consume the Organic Detox in a sufficient quantity over a longer period of time, all fat deposits will eventually be filled with minerals. THC breakdown products can then no longer be stored. They are excreted in your urine within a few hours after consuming cannabis.

One package of the Organic Detox consists of 180 capsules. Usually the intake of two capsules per day is sufficient. However, to increase the potential, it is advisable during the build–up phase to take six capsules daily after each meal (3 x 2). It is essential to drink enough water, at least two to three liters a day

The time it takes to completely fill the fat deposits varies regarding the individual body household of each user. It depends on the amount of body fat and the consumer behavior. The less body fat the less time it usually takes.

Depending on body type and consumer behavior, it can take a few days up to several weeks until the build–up phase is reached. As soon as the fat deposits are completely filled with minerals and the first urine test is negative, an intake of two - four capsules per day is sufficient to maintain this condition.

It is not necessary to avoid consuming cannabis during the build–up phase. The consumed THC will always be excreted in your urine, yet after a few hours already and not after several days or weeks. In the first few hours after consuming THC, a urine test is still going to be positive. As soon as everything is excreted in the urine, the urine is then cleaned and a negative test can be expected. After the build-up phase, it is recommended to plan at least 10 to 24 hours after consumption before a urine test is made. If the time periods between the individual consumption units of THC are too short and new THC is constantly being supplied, urine tests will also be positive.

The Organic Detox can also regulate the acid-base balance in your body and can thus optimize the pH value. It has a detoxifying effect, because some of the minerals and trace elements contained react with pollutants in the body making them easier to be excreted. The improved supply of minerals and trace elements can also lead to a noticeable improvement in your personal wellbeing. Skin blemishes and diarrhea can occur as “side effects”, which are symptoms of detoxification and a sign that the Organic Detox is working.

If these symptoms persist well beyond the build-up phase, you might want to consider dealing with your individual health construction, listening to your body if it needs something you deny (nutritionwise, soulwork, meditation, etc.) or stop using the Organic Detox.