Clean urine for a carefree life without having to stop consumption
Due to the increased supply of minerals and trace elements, there can be a noticeable improvement in well-being - with the useful side effect of cleansing THC from the urine and preventing its storage.

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BeFox Detox

Urine Cleaner with 222 capsules
(for up to 100 days of protection)
Includes 3 free urine test strips

The unique cleansing formula from BeFox
helps the body to eliminate environmental toxins and unwanted breakdown products from fat deposits and urine

  • Accelerates the natural detoxification of the body

  • Degradation products are washed out of the fat depots

  • Purifies urine from degradation products

  • Is not detectable in urine tests

  • Promotes the regulation of the acid-base balance

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Content: 222 capsules (for up to 100 days of protection)

Includes free consultation

We advise you individually and accompany you until the negative test.

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3 - 10 business days (International)

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Efficacy confirmed several times

"It took our testers pretty much 2 weeks to saturate their fat stores enough with the minerals that after a 12-hour abstinence, their urine was clean enough for a THC test to be negative."


tested in issue (2/21)

"After a month I then had the first negative urine test after a previous consumption break of 36 hours. It was nice to observe that the hoped-for goal (evening consumption and negative urine test the next day) was getting closer and closer."


tested in issue (3/20)
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Personal customer advice

Accompanied over 500 customers to the negative test
You are not alone, our scientifically trained team will advise you individually and accompany you until the negative test.

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The Cleansing Formula

BeFox Detox is a vegan nutritional supplement consisting of over 81 minerals and trace elements, extracted from the natural salt deposits of southern Italy. The minerals are highly bioavailable in their colloidal form and support your body in detoxification. The high-quality organic minerals are processed in a complex manufacturing process and each batch is then subjected to a pollutant analysis by the BAV Group.
The cleansing formula was developed in laboratories for over 2 years and then tested in private studies for 10 months. The native and natural components of BeFox Detox allow for the detoxification of the body from toxins, which nowadays occur in many forms both in our environment and in our diet. At the recommended intake level, one package of BeFox Detox covers the needs for a detox cure of up to three months.