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Negative THC urine test despite consumption*

Get clean now!
BeFox Detox - Urin Cleaner - Entgiftung von THC

Unique. Naturally. Effectively.

Ready for a test or are you still THC positive?

Every day, occasional smokers are faced with unexpected urine tests. The urine test can still come out positive weeks later, even if...

...you haven't consumed for a long time.
...you consume CBD or HHC.
...you drink plenty of water.
...you eat healthily.
...you exercise regularly.

Despite a pleasing 4% decrease in German cases requiring medical-psychological assessments compared to the previous year, around 87,000 people still had to undergo testing in 2022. Daily traffic controls take place, but tests can also occur in the workplace or during vocational training.

BeFox Detox - Urin Cleaner - Entgiftung von THC

The Power of Minerals

The 100% natural THC urine cleaner

Stay clean and live worry-free without completely stopping consumption*

With BeFox, you can easily cleanse your fat cells from stored THC byproducts and build a shield against further metabolites. BeFox accelerates the elimination of THC byproducts, nourishing your body with a sophisticated mineral formula.

*Note that after each use, you'll initially test positive for THC. After a successful buildup phase, it takes about 24 hours post 0.5g consumption to pass a 50ng cut-off test, meaning you're clean when sober again. BeFox does in no way support or endorse driving or working under the influence of THC.

Effect of the cleansing formula confirmed by:

BeFox Detox - Urin Cleaner - Entgiftung von THC
BeFox Detox - Urin Cleaner - Entgiftung von THC
BeFox Detox - Urin Cleaner - Entgiftung von THC
BeFox Detox - Urin Cleaner - Entgiftung von THC

Telefonic Consultancy

We offer every customer the opportunity to make an appointment for our free telephone consultation. Here, all the important factors of detoxification can be discussed quickly and easily.


After our nominations in two categories, we were delighted to accept the 'Industry Newcomer 2023' award at this year's Mary Jane trade fair.

Safe and discreet

Your privacy is important to us!
That's why we ship in neutral boxes and handle your customer data carefully.

Your Path to THC Detox

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The Power of Minerals

Your peace of mind in capsule form

More than 80 minerals and trace elements, harvested in southern Italy, united by our unique cleansing formula, give you back your freedom.
They accelerate the body's natural elimination of THC metabolites and build protection against the storage of new metabolites.
Since we work with the body's own processes, there is no masking or manipulation.

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