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The Organic Detox from BeFox - our statement for more self-determination.

A bridge to decriminalization, a path to conscious consumption and
Self reflection.

The BeFox team would like to use the Organic Detox to advocate for the decriminalization of cannabis in Germany. Because there still seems to be a bumpy road to legalization, we want to give you the opportunity with the Organic Detox to consume without worries and to live a more self-determined life.

“More than four million Germans consume cannabis.
Only a small proportion have problems with their consumption, and even fewer develop addiction. Nevertheless, politicians describe hemp as the devil’s work and billions of dollars are invested every year to persecute its consumers.”
(Source: German Hemp Association)

In our opinion, the legalization of cannabis in Germany is long overdue. Additionally, we would like to advocate for the criminalization of cannabis users to stop as soon as possible and focus on awareness, sensible consumption and education. We will explain why below based on information that has already been published.

The legal situation regarding the prosecution of cannabis users (especially in traffic) no longer represents the opinion of the German population

According to a survey of 12,000 people conducted by the Civey Institute for Representative Opinion Research at the end of 2019 and published in a detailed report by , "84.1% of Germans support the legalization of cannabis to a certain extent:
42.1% support full legalization, taxation, and regulation for recreational use,
42.0% support at least the current legalization for medical purposes
and only 9% of respondents believe that cannabis should be completely illegal." (Source: )

"The social and political majority wants to end criminal prosecution of cannabis users. [...] According to Infratest Dimap, 59 percent of respondents in 2018 were of the opinion that the possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal consumption should no longer be prosecuted."
(Infratest Dimap 2018 - Source: )

There seems to be a change in the perspective of cannabis not only in the opinion of citizens in Germany, but also in parties like the SPD

The SPD's position paper, published in February 2020, states that "the current criminalization of consumers in particular is the weakness of the previous cannabis policy. Because: Neither prohibition nor criminal prosecution have led to a decline in cannabis consumption to date! On the contrary: cannabis consumption is increasing rather, continuously. In addition, the repressive measures currently mean that people are socially stigmatized and often cannot be reached through social exclusion. [...] The ban policy also ties up enormous financial and human resources that are missing elsewhere in the judiciary and police ".
(Source: SPD position paper - Cannabis: breaking new ground, February 11, 2020)

Without the SPD, only the CDU/CSU and the AFD remain as parties in the Bundestag that are vehemently opposed to legalization and relaxations in the jurisprudence regarding cannabis. A sign that the road, no matter how bumpy it may seem, won't be long anymore.

Another reason for the acute danger of the current situation in Germany was shown by a documentary on the “Vice” platform. The documentary entitled "Chemically dilated cannabis: This is how big the problem is in Germany" deals with the trend of dilating cannabis using cheaper and far more dangerous psychoactive substances and underlines this with an assessment of the current situation in Germany.

“Every fifth joint smoked in Germany” contains chemical cannabinoids

These chemical cannabinoids, lovingly dubbed NPS (new psychoactive substances) by the government, pose a high risk primarily because the effects and dosage are unpredictable, while the consumer has even less awareness of what they are smoking and which ones Consequences this can have on his health. In addition, the psychoactive cutting agents cannot be recognized externally, or can only be recognized with great difficulty.

According to the toxicology expert in the Vice documentary, stretching with NPS has already led to serious health consequences for cannabis users in Germany, while a more precise assessment and possible follow-up seem almost impossible. (Source: )

“If you are caught with a CBD flower that has NPS on it, you may be penalized less than if the flower contains THC.”

So there are not only socially serious consequences from the criminalization of cannabis in Germany, but also health risks that are reinforced by conservative jurisprudence and the lack of control of an illegal industry.

BeFox for decriminalization

We want to work both in a democratic sense, but also on an individual level, to inspire people to question the concept and the inherent possible fallacies of "legal" and "illegal", to think independently and to use the power of self-reflection in drugs - as well as any other consumption.

We are committed to an immediate change in the law and would like to encourage you to take precautions when using drugs. Until there is a fair decriminalization, we will try to give you more self-determination and freedom in everyday life with products like the Organic Detox - and we stand for this with our name.

Be smart, be healthy, BeFox.

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