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How do you correctly take BeFox Detox?

Taking BeFox capsules isn't particularly challenging. However, BeFox is not your typical supplement that you take once a day. The differences between the build-up and maintenance phases often cause confusion. But don't worry, this article will explain everything you need to know about proper intake!

A crucial note upfront

BeFox is not a miracle pill! On average, it takes 14-21 days to successfully complete the build-up phase and test negative for the first time. BeFox is not a product to be taken quickly before a test. It requires consistent intake to cleanse the body of stored THC metabolites and to build and maintain protection against the storage of future metabolites. Moreover, numerous factors can facilitate or hinder detoxification. More on that later.

The build-up phase is for cleansing and building your protection

Holding your very first bottle of BeFox and excitedly anticipating becoming clean, all that's left is the correct intake for the negative test to become a reality soon. Let's start with the build-up phase. What do you need to do, and what does BeFox do for you?

In the build-up phase, you take 3x3 capsules daily

Initially, you need to induce a mineral surplus in your body for the effects to unfold. You do this by taking nine capsules a day. BeFox Detox is made up of 100% minerals, encapsulated in vegan HPMC capsules. Over 80 different minerals and trace elements are carefully blended into our cleansing formula, providing you with a broad spectrum optimized for THC detoxification.
Since your body should be continuously supplied with minerals, we recommend dividing the dosage. Three capsules in the morning, three at noon, and three in the evening ensure your body is mineralized throughout the day. Make sure to swallow the capsules with plenty of water, as BeFox contains many mineral salts. We also recommend taking the capsules with a small meal to aid digestion. Something as simple as an apple or a banana is sufficient.

What exactly happens during the build-up phase?

After your body has been supplied with minerals for the first few days — the duration varies depending on your existing mineralization and body size — it will begin to store the minerals. Minerals are very valuable to your body. Therefore, it makes no sense for it to excrete them just because it currently has an excess. Instead, it prefers to store them for leaner times.

To make more room, the body starts to release the less valuable metabolites stored in the fat cells. These metabolites are quickly eliminated through urine. Our unique cleansing formula was specifically designed for this process, ensuring an optimal exchange of THC metabolites with minerals, as they are optimally absorbed by the body due to their high bioavailability and colloidal structure.

Self-testing lets you know when to move to the next phase

You should self-test with a THC urine rapid test every 7 days. In most cases, a 50ng cut-off test is sufficient to determine when the build-up phase can be concluded. A negative test indicates that the metabolites have been dissolved and eliminated, meaning the minerals have been stored.
We recommend the 50ng cut-off test because, after a negative result with such a test, it should only take a few more days to test clean at lower ng thresholds. Of course, you can also self-test at lower cut-offs, but a negative 50ng result is enough to end the build-up phase. You then move into the maintenance phase.
If your goal is to become clean as quickly as possible, you should continue the build-up phase, as the elimination process will proceed slightly faster. You can continue the build-up phase until you test clean at a lower threshold or until you have your examination. The build-up phase should not exceed eight weeks.

The maintenance phase is for protecting against the storage of new THC metabolites

While we strongly advise against consumption during the build-up phase, BeFox allows you, under certain conditions, to consume even if you are in the build-up or maintenance phase. As expected, reducing or completely stopping consumption would shorten the duration of the build-up phase. In the maintenance phase, less consumption means a shorter time between consumption and a negative test. Since BeFox does not affect active THC in your body but only accelerates the elimination of metabolites, you will initially test positive after consumption, even in the maintenance phase. It takes about 24 hours to test negative again after consuming 0.5g, as your body needs to metabolize the active THC and then eliminate these metabolites.

In the maintenance phase, you take 2-4 capsules daily

To remain clean despite consumption, you must maintain your protection. Since your body uses up minerals every day, it's important to supply it with new minerals daily. If you don't, it will start to release and consume the stored minerals, which would negate BeFox's effect! The stored minerals block the storage of new metabolites, allowing you to consume and test negative after a day.
Two to four capsules a day are sufficient in the maintenance phase to maintain the mineral level. If you engage in activities that deplete minerals, such as sports, sauna use, or experiencing a lot of stress, you should take extra capsules to compensate for the excessive mineral consumption.

Many factors determine how long the elimination will take for you!

As always, times vary. Naturally, the amount consumed, more specifically the THC amount, is the most crucial factor. Consuming just a few crumbs of a highly potent herb can keep you positive longer than if you consume more but less potent herb. Remember that all the THC must be metabolized by your body and then also eliminated. It's also important that you drink enough and go to the toilet often enough, but not drink too much to neither flush out the minerals nor dilute your urine. Factors such as the speed of your metabolism and the amount of fat cells in your body also play a role. As you can see, the factors are a topic in themselves.


If you think you could just drink a lot of water to speed up the elimination of metabolites, you should abandon this idea. It might be noticeable during the test that you tried to manipulate it. Laboratories typically also test for creatinine levels, which can determine if the urine has been diluted by drinking a lot of water. If this is the case, your test could be considered a tampering attempt.
But you don't need to do that! With BeFox, you don't have to worry about manipulations or masking. Nor that BeFox will be detected in the test, as it contains only pure, natural minerals and avoids any chemical additives. All BeFox does is accelerate the body's own detoxification of metabolites by supplying your body with minerals.

Got it? (Summary)

You should now understand how the capsule intake works. Here's a brief recap:
During the build-up phase, you take nine capsules a day (3 in the morning, 3 at noon, 3 in the evening) to build your mineral protection and cleanse your fat tissue of THC metabolites.
Every 7 days, you perform a 50ng rapid test. If a test (typically on day 14 or 21) is negative, you transition to the maintenance phase.
In the maintenance phase, two to four capsules a day are enough to maintain protection against storage. You will test negative about 24 hours after consumption.

What's next?

If you want to know more, or if you have other questions, feel free to explore our Knowledge Hub!
Of course, we are also personally here for you. You can reach us via our contact form or by email. Our telephone consultation offers you the opportunity to have a personal conversation with our scientifically trained team to discuss your individual case. Telephone consultations are free for all customers.

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