THC Detox - sustainable, smart, healthy.

The above-average supply of minerals and trace elements can lead to a noticeable improvement of your personal wellbeing - coming with the useful side effect of cleaning THC from your urine.

Natural Ingredients


100% natural ingredients are processed. The Organic Detox is free from chemical additives and allergens.


Natural detoxification by regulating the acid-base balance of your body and, overtime, removing waste products from your urine.

Stabilization of the mineral balance


Stabilization of the mineral balance through the use of minerals and electrolytes with the highest bio-availability.

Stabilization of the mineral balance


The increased consumption of minerals can lead to a noticeable improvement in wellbeing - a useful side effect: THC can be cleaned from your urine.

30 days detox

A BeFox recommendation. The Organic Detox, containing 180 capsules, is made with love and sophistication. Exclusively consisting of natural ingredients it promotes detoxification and regulates your body's acid-base balance. With an optimized pH value and an increased supply of minerals, you are able to protect your organism from the deposition of harmful substances.

Organic Detox

The Organic Detox consists of over 81 different minerals and trace elements. Since the high-quality minerals are finely distributed, the human body can optimally absorb and use them.  

However, the body won't be able to use them all due to the high concentration of minerals and therefore automatically fills your fat deposits with the rest – here is where part of the breakdown products of THC are also stored. Those breakdown products of THC are eventually worthless ballast for the body – compared to the minerals. Your body then preferably stores the minerals and no longer the THC breakdown products. If you consume the Organic Detox in a sufficient quantity over a longer period of time, all fat deposits will eventually be filled with minerals. THC breakdown products can then no longer be stored. They are excreted in your urine within a few hours after consuming cannabis. 

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„ The Organic Detox helped me to more self-determination in my career and private life.“

Noazem, Techno-DJ

„..Because of the Organic Detox I stopped being worried on Monday mornings when I get in my car to drive to work.“

Dimitrios Ziakas, Back-End Developer

“The Organic Detox and the BeFox team gave me back a part of my happiness and took away some of my anxieties in my everyday life. I'm beyond grateful for that. ”

Dario Röger, Logistics