Factors in THC Detoxification with BeFox Detox

Die Faktoren bei der THC-Entgiftung mit BeFox Detox - BeFox

The detox duration depends on many factors

To experience the cleansing and protective effects of BeFox Detox, you should be aware of several factors that all influence the duration of detoxification. After all, we're working with the body's natural processes and merely accelerating the excretion by naturally preventing accumulation. It's therefore important to understand how your body works and how it deals with the minerals from the capsules. The goal is for the minerals to be stored in the fat lipids, leaving no room for THC metabolites. This article will tell you everything you need to know for optimal THC detoxification.

Let's start with the most important factor: Your diet

Why diet is such an important factor has to do with two things: On one hand, stressors, most often from diet, can tax your body's detox mechanisms, leaving less capacity for THC-COOH detoxification. On the other hand, the acid-base balance greatly affects the mineral balance, as the body uses minerals to maintain the balance between acids and bases. We'll talk about stressors throughout the article, and we'll also discuss non-dietary stressors at the end. So let's start with the acid-base balance. Let's start simple: What are acids and bases, anyway?

Acids and bases in the human body

Most people probably remember acids and bases from chemistry class, known there as acids and alkalis. The adjectives are acidic and basic/alkaline. They are mainly known for their corrosive effect, but there is a wide spectrum from slightly to strongly acidic or basic. All substances that can be dissolved in water can be divided into these two groups, and such a liquid is called a solution. The pH scale, which is used to measure acids and bases, ranges from 0-14, dividing into acidic 0-6, neutral 7, and basic 8-14.

Since the human body is mostly water, it's hardly surprising that many different solutions can be found and measured within it. The body has various methods to regulate the pH values of these milieus. It's extremely important that it does so because most biochemical processes in the body are very sensitive to changes in pH value.

It's important to mention that the acid-base balance is still a subject of research! It's not yet definitively clear to what extent diet influences it. However, it's undeniable that minerals play an important role in the body's regulatory systems. They help neutralize excess acids or bases and support the kidneys in regulating the balance through filtration and excretion. The main actors here are the minerals sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphate. These significantly contribute to maintaining the body's pH balance and are all contained in BeFox.

That's quite a bit of information...

It's crucial to understand that minerals significantly influence the acid-base balance. An unbalanced diet could lead to a substantial part of the minerals consumed through BeFox capsules being diverted for balancing purposes. Once used in this way, these minerals are initially unavailable for the intended BeFox effects, as they're tied up in other bodily processes.

The problem with an acid-base imbalance

Drawing from our three years of direct experience with clients, we've pinpointed common issues. Our findings suggest a noticeable variance in effectiveness linked to dietary choices—specifically between acid-heavy and base-heavy diets. A diet skewed towards acidity often undermines BeFox's efficacy, while an alkaline-leaning diet can dramatically shorten the necessary buildup phase for detoxification.

What should you eat, then?

Typical acid-formers include, besides animal products, grains, and processed foods, also coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes. Typical base-formers include fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and spices.

To give you a better idea of how you can adjust your diet, we recommend, to put it simply, a ratio of about 80 to 20. Here, 80% of the consumed foods should be base-formers and only 20% acid-formers. Note that your body needs both, and acid-forming foods can also be divided into good and bad! A share of 20% good acid-formers combined with 80% base-formers has proven to be optimal for the most efficient build-up phase.

Also, note that not everyone takes in too many acids, and it's quite possible that your diet already matches our recommendation for the build-up phase — though, in our experience, such cases are the exception rather than the rule.

An overview of the most common foods, divided into base-formers as well as good and bad acid-formers, can be found in our PDF "The Alkaline Lifestyle".

As evident, while a balanced diet is crucial for effective detoxification, the acid-base balance represents just one of several pivotal aspects in the THC detox process with BeFox.

What and how much should you drink?

Achieving the desired effect with BeFox Detox necessitates ample water consumption. As you embark on this detox journey with BeFox, dissolving and eliminating THC metabolites from your system, water acts not only as a vital transport medium but also supports overall bodily functions throughout the detoxification process.

2-3 liters throughout the day is optimal

An intake of 2-3 liters throughout the day is recommended. Health authorities suggest consuming 0.03 to 0.04 liters of water per kg of body weight daily. Within the BeFox detox framework, we've found 0.03 liters per kg to be particularly effective. Hence, an individual weighing 80 kg should aim for 2.4 liters.

Drink throughout the day, as it's not possible to compensate for a deficit by, for example, drinking several liters in a short time in the evening. The idea is to continuously supply your body with water to ensure a steady excretion. For the same reason, we recommend spreading the intake of the capsules throughout the day during the build-up phase.

Caution: More isn't always better!

If you now get the idea—and you wouldn't be the first—that you could just drink 10 liters of water a day to excrete the metabolites as quickly as possible so that you can have a negative test result as soon as possible, we must strongly advise against it! Drinking significantly more than your body needs can lead to severe health consequences, including death. The opposite of dehydration is very real and is called hyperhydration. Not only can hyperhydration quickly lead to health problems, but too much water would also flush the minerals from the BeFox capsules out of the body before they are absorbed, and finally, in a laboratory examination, which often also tests for the creatinine content in the urine, it would be noticeable that you tried to dilute your urine. So, stick to the general recommendation and avoid unnecessary risks!

Purity also matters

In addition to the right amount, you should also make sure to drink as pure water as possible. This has two reasons: On one hand, water serves as a transport medium and can best perform this task if it's not already filled with other substances, and on the other hand, water can serve as an acid-former.
As we clarified at the beginning of this article, your diet should not upset your acid-base balance. But it's not just about what you eat, but also what you drink. Carbonated water is acidic, as the name suggests. Sugar, alcohol, and coffee also serve as acid-formers, and even a large part of teas form acids. Flavorings, colorings, and all other substances added to water, including teas, fill the water and diminish its transport capacity.

The calculated daily amount of water should therefore consist of as pure water as possible. Everything else you drink, such as coffee, which will probably be the hardest to give up, or even basic beverages like lemon water with honey or basic teas, should only be consumed in addition. They do not count towards the calculated water amount.

What to consider when taking the capsules

In addition to a balanced diet and enough pure water, we recommend not taking the capsules on an empty stomach. Some customers have reported gastrointestinal issues, such as stomach pain or diarrhea, after starting the capsules. In many cases, activating stomach acid helps with better absorption of the minerals. To do this, take the capsules with a meal — even an apple or a banana is sufficient. Don't forget to wash down the capsules with enough water. Additionally, you can start with a smaller number of capsules and gradually increase the dose to acclimate your stomach to the minerals.

How Bentonite supports your detox

We recommend everyone who wants to start the buildup phase to take Bentonite. Bentonite is a volcanic ash that can bind toxins well due to its physical properties. This binding prevents re-deposition and aids in the expulsion of toxins.

Since BeFox can release not only THC metabolites but all breakdown and harmful substances that the body deems less valuable than the minerals from the adipose tissue, there might be unwanted side effects due to the sudden presence of a large amount of harmful substances in the body. Bentonite has proven effective in binding these substances, thus minimizing potential side effects.

Bentonite is also popular beyond our specific application, not least because of its affordable price and ease of intake. You can take this clay mineral either in capsule form or dissolved in water. Our recommendation is a capsule or a sip in the morning on an empty stomach, during the buildup phase. Remember to drink enough water here too, as Bentonite can lead to constipation in combination with insufficient water intake.

Aside from Bentonite, activated charcoal is also known to support detoxification. However, the binding capability of activated charcoal is not as selective as that of Bentonite, so it also binds substances that our body needs. Unfortunately, activated charcoal also binds the minerals from the BeFox capsules. The bound minerals cannot be absorbed by the body anymore and thus cannot contribute to the BeFox effect.

Enough nutrition — what else is important?

After extensively discussing factors related to eating, drinking, intake, and supplementation, we can now turn to other factors.

Body Mass Index as an initial indicator

Since the most common question we receive is "when will I be clean?" we use the Body Mass Index (BMI) as a factor to estimate the duration of detoxification. Unlike the factors discussed earlier in this article, BMI plays only a small role. After all, BMI is not something that can be changed just like that.

As you might have seen, we have some estimates on how long the buildup phase might take depending on the type of consumer, duration of use, and BMI. We infer the body fat percentage from the BMI, thus estimating the potential amount of stored THC metabolites. If you want to calculate your BMI, you can use our BMI calculator.

Body fat and metabolism are crucial

However, for us, BMI is really nothing more than an initial indicator. BMI is a controversial measure because it roughly sets weight in relation to body height but does not take into account stature, gender, or the muscle-to-fat ratio, the latter of which is crucial for the BeFox effect. Besides body fat percentage, metabolism is also important. It determines how fast body processes such as the absorption of minerals or the expulsion of THC metabolites occur.

Keep it simple

It's all about a rough estimate of the detox duration, and for that, BMI is sufficient. Exact figures wouldn't change the estimate much to make it worth assessing individual values. Other factors also come into play. Therefore, focus on the factors you can change today!

Mineral Thieves – Cuter Than They Sound

There are certain activities that particularly deplete minerals from your body, including alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, stress, and sweating. Obviously, no one suffers from lack of sleep or stress on purpose, so we might save ourselves from advising against them. However, we want to highlight the details, as they are also important and sometimes even the deciding factor.

More importantly, regarding alcohol consumption, sports, and sauna use: During the buildup phase, you should avoid alcohol consumption, as it consumes a lot of minerals. Moreover, alcohol as a neurotoxin poses an additional burden that you should avoid during the buildup phase, after all, you're undergoing detoxification. Be aware that any additional toxin, any further burden on your body, will reduce the efficiency of THC detoxification! You should also avoid the burden of sauna use, to be precise, excessive sweating, which results in a lot of mineral loss. However, you don't need to avoid sports. On the contrary: Physical activity is beneficial for detoxification as it stimulates metabolism and ensures good circulation. However, we recommend not exercising more than one hour per day during the buildup phase to avoid consuming too many minerals.

If all this sounds completely unrealistic to you and you don't believe you can implement all these tips, don't worry! We have something else for you...

How extra capsules can compensate for your mineral consumption

If you can't avoid all mineral thieves, you still have the option to compensate for the excessive mineral consumption by taking additional BeFox capsules.

For alcohol consumption, we recommend taking up to three extra capsules before and three extra capsules after consuming alcoholic beverages. For more than one hour or very intense sports, or if you sweat a lot, we recommend taking up to two extra capsules before and after. These recommendations apply to both the buildup and maintenance phases.

Note that you should only take extra capsules for mineral-depleting activities and otherwise not exceed the daily intake of nine capsules in the buildup phase and two to four capsules in the maintenance phase!

Other Strains

We've almost covered everything you need to know about the factors. However, it's important to mention that during the buildup phase, you should avoid consuming other substances. This not only includes THC, whose metabolites you want to eliminate but also other cannabinoids like CBD, HHC, and other seemingly THC-free alternatives. They contain a small amount of THC, which, although very low, might be enough to test positive for THC! Additionally, the metabolites of other cannabinoids also need to be metabolized, deposited, and expelled. The more other substances go through the same processes as THC-COOH, the longer the THC detoxification will take. This also applies to substances other than cannabis, which is why we strongly advise against replacing cannabis use with other substances like alcohol.

If you're saying "I will never be able to stop using cannabis!" we also have some more information for you. Check out our article on further consumption!


You've now learned a lot about the factors. Let's quickly summarize the most important points: An unbalanced diet can lead to increased mineral consumption. Pay special attention to keeping your acid-base balance in equilibrium. Drinking enough is essential for detoxification. 0.03 liters of water per kilogram of body weight per day are optimal for the BeFox cure. The water should be as pure as possible. Always take the capsules with plenty of water and a meal to prevent possible digestive problems. Starting with a smaller number of capsules can help your body get used to the minerals. Detoxification can be supported with Bentonite. Mineral-depleting activities should be reduced during the buildup phase. Otherwise, extra capsules can compensate for mineral consumption. You should avoid additional strains like CBD or alcohol consumption during the buildup phase.

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