Forget Dry January — do High January instead

Vergiss Dry January — mach lieber 'High' January
Happy New Year, Foxes! Sticking to resolutions is never easy, especially when giving up alcohol is on the list. The idea of abstaining from alcohol in the new year isn't new but gains popularity with movements like 'Dry January'. With the growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis, however, this concept takes a new turn for us: High January.

Let's be honest, swapping alcohol for cannabis can offer many benefits as a New Year's start. Hitting the pause button on alcohol consumption can save you from side effects like anger, aggression, or blackouts. In 2016, 19,000 women and 43,000 men died in Germany from alcohol-related causes alone. Yet, no one can die from a cannabis overdose. Furthermore, alcohol is far more harmful to brain tissue than cannabis when considering long-term use. Alcohol can shrink your brain and accelerate aging, starting with just one glass of wine a day.

Cannabis, in all its forms and applications, can not only provide long-term relief for a long list of physical and mental health issues but can also curb the craving for alcohol. Naturally, excessive cannabis use can lead to higher tolerance, so it's best to focus more on CBD products during High January. Alternatively, trying a different strain than usual or changing the consumption method could be beneficial.

To truly go through High January without alcohol, look for ways to integrate cannabis as a substitute in various areas of your life. If your evening routine includes a glass of wine, try a pre-roll with high CBD content. You can also train the brain with routines, like drinking tea at bedtime, which can then replace the evening alcohol.

Everyone reacts differently to cannabis, so it's important to have contingency plans if a product or strain doesn't agree with your body. Certain dosages can cause paranoia or anxiety in some people if not dosed properly. So start low, go slow, and have plenty of CBD on hand to mitigate any negative effects of too much THC.

Cannabis can open the mind to new perspectives and help release darker emotions often amplified by alcohol consumption. Instead of harming your liver with excessive alcohol, cannabis can positively relax you and help with anxiety. Sounds like a great start to the new year!

To celebrate this fresh start and promote awareness of a healthier lifestyle, we'd like to introduce the concept of '#ConsciousSmoker'. It stands for a mindful and responsible approach to cannabis, focusing not just on consumption but also on understanding the effects, choosing the right strains and dosages, and recognizing the reasons behind the use. A '#ConsciousSmoker' uses cannabis not as an escape but as a self-care tool and relaxation aid, always with a deep understanding of its impact on the body and mind. This approach helps break the stigma around cannabis and fosters a culture of conscious consumption.

With the '#ConsciousSmoker' concept, we signal that cannabis can be used responsibly to positively influence our lives. This approach extends beyond mere consumption, encompassing an understanding of the effects on our body and mind and promoting a culture of mindful cannabis use. As '#ConsciousSmokers', we acknowledge and respect the plant's power, using it wisely with the goal of enhancing our well-being, not escaping. It's time to overcome the stigma around cannabis and demonstrate how mindful use can enrich life.

Above all, it's not about what you consume, but how and why - that will most determine your experience. So be smart, consume cannabis consciously, and we wish you all the best for your High January.

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