BeFox was Awarded as 'Industry Newcomer 2023' at Mary Jane Fair

BeFox war auf der Mary Jane und wurde zum Industry Newcomer 2023 gekürt - BeFox

Our Visit to Mary Jane Berlin 2023

This year, we had another exhilarating time at Germany's largest cannabis fair, and I want to share with you what happened. Last month, we had the pleasure of attending the Mary Jane Fair in Berlin — a fantastic event for the cannabis community.

Mary Jane is one of the largest cannabis fairs in Europe, bringing together enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses to exchange the latest trends and developments in the industry. It's a great opportunity to discover exciting products and be inspired by the energy and passion of the cannabis community.

Our highlights this year included the Vybz Business Boat and the Saturday night aftershow party, as well as the great weather, which we "enjoyed" accordingly. Overall, we noticed a positive mood due to the impending legalization of cannabis. And while current news reports suggest it might happen by the end of the year, there's still no precise information on how cannabis will be handled in traffic in the future.

We talked to many at the fair about this. Anyone who has a driver's license has been frustrated that this topic is not getting the necessary attention. We very much hope that the limits and testing procedures will be adjusted along with legalization so that the disproportionate penalties that can await one long after the last consumption will be avoided, just because tests for cannabis metabolites, which can remain detectable in urine for weeks or even months, have no intoxicating effect. However, until then, we will continue to provide you with your key to worry-free living: Our BeFox Detox.

But enough about politics. Have you heard? This year, BeFox had the honor of being nominated for not just one, but two awards! In the categories "Most Innovative Product" and "Industry Newcomer," we collected votes. It was an incredible feeling to see our product presented alongside other great innovations and brands.

But that's not all: At the awards ceremony, we were able to take home the "Industry Newcomer" award and came in second for "Most Innovative Product"! We are overwhelmed and would like to thank everyone who voted for us from the bottom of our hearts! Your support means everything to us and is our motivation to give our best every day.

The time in Berlin and at the fair was unforgettable. We met many great people, had interesting conversations, and formed new partnerships. It was just great to see how our message of worry-free living and health met with so much positive response.

We are proud to have such a wonderful community around us and are already looking forward to the next fair.

Stay healthy and worry-free!

BeFox Detox team at Mary Jane 2023 showing Award Certificate and Trophy for Most Innovative Product
BeFox Detox Certificate of Award Industry Newcomer Mr. & Mrs. Cannabis Award Show 2023 at Mary Jane Berlin

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